MADiSON – Upcoming Survival Horror Title Is Set To Scare Gamers On Both PC & Console… Soon…

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The upcoming survival horror title, MADiSON is set to terrify both console and PC gamers later this year, after both the publisher and developer agreed to release both digitally and physically.

This latest announcement comes from the official MADiSON Twitter channel

Though the game is set to release later this year, there has so far been no mention of a specific release date or a targeted console. However, it has been confirmed that this latest title will be arriving on PC, as it has been listed on the Steam store website.

MADiSON is said to be a first person psychological horror game, where players will be able to take photos of anything unusual. Similar to the Project Zero and Fatal Frame series.

The main protagonist, Luca, finds himself locked in a dark room with his hands covered in blood. On top of that Luca is also being tormented by a demon named MADiSON.

For those who may be interested in this upcoming title, there is a playable demo that fans can get their hands on. This demo is available through and has so far had a successful start, with players stating that it has potential.

A trailer for this upcoming title can be seen below..

Also for those interested, the team over at the MADiSON Twitter channel are said to be doing a free giveaway if they manage to reach 3,000 followers. So far they have managed to reach 2,700 and will most likely reach it very soon. If you would like a chance to win this shirt then be sure to give them a follow.

However, if for whatever reason you don’t want to participate in this latest give away then you can check out and purchase a shirt at the online store, where they sell both shirts and hoodies.

  • DEVELOPER: Bloodious Games
  • PUBLISHER: Bloodious Games
  • RELEASE DATE: 2022
  • PLATFORM: PC, Console
  • GENRE: Survival Horror
  • SOURCE: Steam
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