Mass Effect 4 – Upcoming Sequel Gets New Artwork. All Signs Point To Geth

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New Mass Effect 4 teaser artwork has been revealed and all things point to Geth.

The news regarding Mass Effect 4 has been rather sparse since its official reveal back in December, last year. However, the team over at Bioware celebrated their annual N7 day, which for those who may be unaware, is the day that fans get together and celebrate anything and everything Mass Effect.

In celebration Bioware decided to tease their fans with some new key artwork, which if you look closely, resembles that of the Geth.

This no doubt brought a lot of speculation and hype amongst fans, ourselves included. Could this be related to Legion? Our Geth companion back in Mass Effect 2. Personally, I’d like to see a return but it is highly unlikely, even more so when Mass Effect 4 is set to be more of a sequel than a prequel.

It is most likely some kind of official announcement that fans can expect to see the return of the artificial intelligent race. Who knows maybe we will get a new Geth companion, however just don’t expect it to be Legion.

Anyway the Geth army have been in the series since the very first Mass Effect title back in 2007, they are also often considered to be more the enemy than a typical companion.

Also in this artwork we can see the ship has been codenamed SFX (thanks to Shinobi602 for pointing this one out), which was the project codename for the original Mass Effect back in 2003.

Though the news regarding the game is still rather vague, especially in terms of an actual release date. This bit of artwork alone is still rather exciting and we, for one, cannot to hear more about the game later in the future.

For now fans can check out the latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition which released recently and features a remastered version of all three games. What better way to tide us over until our next update.

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