Metro Exodus – Enhanced Edition : Features Support For DLSS 2.0, 4K Textures. Releasing May 6th On PC

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The teams over at 4A Games and Deep Silver have announced the release of the Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition for the PC.

The Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition will feature many visual and texture upgrades and of course the inclusion of all of the currently released downloadable dlc too, a full list of what is to be included as well as the file sizes can be seen below…

  • Full ray traced lighting throughout—every light source is now ray traced.
  • Next-gen ray tracing and denoising.
  • Next-gen temporal reconstruction technology.
  • Per-pixel ray traced global illumination.
  • Ray traced emissive surfaces with area shadows.
  • Infinite number of ray traced light bounces.
  • Atmosphere and transparent surfaces receive ray traced bounded lighting.
  • Full ray traced lighting model support with color bleeding and for every light source.
  • Advanced ray-traced reflections. (PC Enhanced Edition-only.)
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate support (including DXR 1.1 and variable rate shading)
  • GPU FP16 support and thousands of optimized shaders.
  • Support for DLSS 2.0. (PC Enhanced Edition-only.)
  • Addition of field of view slider to main game options.
  • 4K textures added to packages.
  • Further bug fixing / polish pass.

How big is the install?
Base Game: ~72.2 GB
The Two Colonels: ~1 GB
Sam’s Story: ~6.4GB
Total: ~80 GB

Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition will release on the PC this May 6th, it is also classed as a FREE UPGRADE for existing owners. The Playstation 5 and XBox Series Enhanced Editions are said to be releasing at a later date, also as a Free Upgrade.

You can watch the Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition Analysis video below, thanks to Digital Foundry

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