(MHOJ2) My Hero One’s Justice 2 – The Dynamic Duo Gentle Criminal & La Brava DLC Announced

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Finally after waiting for what felt like forever the dynamic duo Gentle Criminal and La Brava join the fighting roster! Considering that these crafty individuals make up some of our favourite characters we personally cannot wait to see them in action! Lets be honest it should be ‘Criminal’ not to have added them already!

Both Gentle Criminal and La Brava featured during Episode 81 of the hit anime show My Hero Academia, or for manga readers out there they first appeared in Chapter 170

La Brava is an admirer of Gentle Criminal and thus is given the Quirk, Love. This in turn when used gives her lover a boost in strength and the more in love she is with her admirer the stronger they become.

As for Gentle Criminal he often finds himself aiming to be a top villain as well as Internet Celebrity.

The announcement of the upcoming character dlc comes from the latest issue of Weekly Jump

SOURCE: Ryokutya2089


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