(MHW) Monster Hunter World – The Award Winning Action RPG Manages To Top 20 Million Units Shipped!

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The award winning action role-playing game, (MHW) Monster Hunter World, has successfully managed to ship over 20 million units worldwide.

The successful title was first released back in January, 2018. Where it made its way onto the Playstation 4 and XBox One, before then making its way to the PC.

This announcement comes from the official Capcom investor website, which went on to say ..

”With the January 2018 release of Monster Hunter: World in particular, Capcom was able to propel the Monster Hunter series to global-brand status with a series-first worldwide simultaneous launch coupled with international promotional activities, establishing the game as Capcom’s best-selling title of all time within a month of its release and being honored with awards the world over. In the more than three years since the game’s release, in addition to promoting digital sales, Capcom also launched Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Iceborne, below), a massive premium expansion for the game, as well as a bundle containing both titles, capitalizing on synergies with Iceborne and resulting in prolonged sales that led Monster Hunter: World to achieve a Capcom all-time record of 20 million units shipped.

Also in the Monster Hunter series is Monster Hunter Rise, which has sold a cumulative 7.5 million units on Nintendo Switch™ (as of September 24, 2021). This title will also be released for PC (Steam) on January 13, 2022, a demo version of which was released on October 14. Moreover, Capcom aims to further grow the brand by actively promoting the series overall, including with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a massive premium expansion for this title, which is scheduled for launch in summer of 2022.”

– Source: Capcom

In Monster Hunter World players take control of a custom created character in their adventures to wipe out and research the various monsters that inhabit the land. The game also managed to feature the most adorable fluffy companions, that we personally have ever come across, the Palico!.

As huge fans of the Monster Hunter series, we were able to play this masterpiece and make a review for it. In which we praised the game for the amount of weapons and gear that is available within the game, customization options, gameplay, and Palicos!

You can read more on our review below..


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