Minecraft : The Next Update For PS4 Is Said To Bring PSVR Support

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The award winning Sandbox Survival game ‘Minecraft‘ is said to be adding support for the Playstation VR (PSVR) in it’s next official update for the Playstation 4

PSVR has been available for quite a while now, officially releasing back in 2016 we for one are huge fans of the software. However, it sadly does not seem to get the credit and attention that it so definitely deserves. Thus this announcement is sure to please fans of the software, us included!

According to the official article the team over at Mojang had planned to release support for the PSVR back when Sony had agreed to accept both cross-play and the Bedrock version to release on PlayStation 4.

The team also said that Minecraft will be 100% the same game that everyone loves and enjoys playing. It will also use the Dualshock 4 controller as the main tool in order to move around and enjoy the crafting features within the game.

The planned update is said to drop at some point this month, September 2020

  • GAME: Minecraft
  • DEVELOPER: Mojang Studios
    PUBLISHER: Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    RELEASE DATE: September 2020
    GENRE: Sandbox Survival
    SOURCE: PS Blog
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