Monster Hunter Rise – The Okami Crossover Begins This July 30

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The world of Okami enters the world of Monster Hunter Rise this July 30th in a brand new crossover collaboration, which will allow your adorable Palamute to dress as the mighty Amaterasu.

A new trailer was also released in order to celebrate this announcement, in it you can see how adorable the Palamute can look in their new fancy costume, which the team are naming the ‘Ammy Costume’

Alongside the new Okami crossover, the trailer also shows the new Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap.

This new roadmap reveals the teams plans to have collaboration events starting this July 30th, with another one in August and Fall 2021. This will also include more downloadable content and new quests every week. Though what kind of collaborations the game will feature after July still remains a mystery.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on the Nintendo Switch

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