Monster Train : Friends & Foes – Latest Patch Is A Mighty One With New Champions, Bosses, Cards & More!

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A new patch update has arrived to the card battling game, Monster Train : Friends & Foes

This latest update is said to be the second major update to the game bringing with it a ton of new additions including new champions, bosses, cards and more!


Major new features
Five new “Exiled” Champions, one from each of the monster clans. The new Champions have new mechanics, come with their own new starter card, and add additional layers of strategic depth and replayability.

Two new bosses at the 3rd and 6th ring of Hell, each with three variations. Talos and Archus join the fight as alternative options to Daedalus and Fel. These new bosses have brand new combat mechanics and increase run variety.

A new final boss variant – Seraph the Patient. This version of Seraph uses a new gameplay trigger, Rally, and applies Melee Weakness to your units.

Five new artifacts, one from each of the monster clans. Each adds new ways to gain power and synergize with clan mechanics.

Personal run records are now available for viewing the Logbook. Track your improvement over time and compare with friends!


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