My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero – New Event Brings Back The Number 1 Hero, All Might. Mina Ashido Also Added

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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has received several new updates including the return of the number 1 hero, All Might. Mina Ashida, who is also known as Pinky, has also been added to the game.

All Might returns in a new event where fans can hopefully unlock him as a recruitable character, by completing his special campaign. Alongside that fans can also unlock a brand new costume known as the ‘Suit of Peace’, which adds 1% ATK and DEF. You can find this new costume in the shop for a limited time only.

The All Might event will be taking place this August 18th – August 31st.

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Alongside All Might’s new event, the ”Acid” Quirk master, Mina Ashido has been added to the game as a new companion. She can be unlocked through leveling up your agency in the new Battle Pass. This event will be taking place on August 18th – September 14th

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The final event sees the more old and experienced players (those who have successfully reached level 30 or above), with the chance to earn themselves a bunch of new rewards including; Hero Coins, Candy Piles, Recruit Tickets, and R&D Tickets. This will apply to any players who have not logged into the game for the past 15 days.

From there they will then be given rewards every day for the next 14 days, simply by logging back in again.

Also, if you consecutively login to the game then they will earn even bigger rewards. Including the chance to earn themselves special Asui Tsuyu character rewards. Other rewards include 50% extra experience if they manage to pass new instances in a special mission that occurs after 7 consecutive login days. Also thrown in as rewards are EXP buffs and discounts on Stamina.

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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is now available on both the iOS and Android


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