My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero – The New ‘Hero Internship’ Event Kicks Off! Brings New Characters, Banners

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The newly released RPG celebrates its first month of release with a brand new event known as the ‘Hero Internship’. It is an event where players can earn internship credits which can then be used to spend on unlocking new characters and banners. This event is also said to increase the likelihood of special and more rarer items being made available

As well as that new characters are also being introduced to the game, this includes both Endeavour & Shota Aizawa who are classed as S rarity heroes. Endeavour is available during the ‘Hero Internship’ event, whilst Shota Aizawa is available in July.

It is also said that new and upcoming game modes are being introduced in the future, modes such as Group Battle Modes, Boss Raids and PvE. There is also the support of both the German and French languages being added to the game in the upcoming weeks

You can check out more in the official site below..


My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is now available on the App Store and Google Play

The ‘Hero Internship’ event is said to begin in June 23rd and ends on June 29th


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