Need for Speed Unbound Trailer and Release Date Reveal

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The latest offering from Electronic Arts comes in the form of a new installment in their long-running Need for Speed series of games.

Need for Speed Unbound will be released this December on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

Need for Speed Unbound marks the return of Criterion after almost a decade of EA Gothenburg being at the helm of Need for Speed games. It is a welcome return as the last game developed by Criterion was the Need for Speed Most Wanted reboot which garnered mixed results but was overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience and introduced a lot more people to the Need for Speed franchise.

The NFS Unbound trailer dropped a day after a screenshot leak of the game appeared online spoiling the surprise EA had in store for fans as most of its development was professionally kept under wraps up until this point.

The game is set in an open world known as LakeShore and will be built on the Frostbite Engine promising to deliver smooth 4K 60fps gameplay on current-gen systems.

Watch the reveal trailer down below.

Adopting a new stylized look, this new entry feels refreshing as it takes the ultra-realistic car models fans of Need for speed are already accustomed to and adds some stylish drawings and characters around them. This approach is something I’m personally looking forward to seeing in action after watching how seamlessly the art style blends with the world from the short gameplay clips in the trailer.

The game seems to harken back to Need for Speeds’ roots in street racing with more emphasis on the street culture that surrounds street racing. This is very much evident in the selection of rapper A$AP Rocky who seems to have a greater influence on the game’s design and art style outside of providing the leading track for the trailer and having a heavy presence on the soundtrack of the game. The rapper also seems to have a role in the story that is yet to be fully revealed but what is confirmed is that he will have his own game mode in the game.

The game’s campaign leaves much to be desired as it’s a safe story and doesn’t sound as innovative as the overall visual styling and direction the game has taken. The story is of two friends who got torn apart after a family auto shop was robbed with a priceless car being one of the stolen items. This event triggers the rise of your character from a small-time racer to an elite street racer with a goal of rising up the ranks enough to take back the car that was stolen from you.

Need for Speed Unbound is available for pre-order on all major digital stores including Steam, Epic games store, Playstation Store, and the Xbox Store

Need for Speed Unbound will be released on the 2nd of December for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows

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