New World – Unearth Dangerous Secrets Buried in Brimstone Sands

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Visit the scorching deserts of Brimstone Sands to uncover hidden riches.

Amazon Games’ New World has come a long way since its launch back in September 2021. Shouldering immense expectations, the game received mixed reviews from both critics and players alike after its release, leading to its not-so-smooth beginning to life.

Fast forward to 2022, New World has managed to maintain a healthy player base count, averaging around 25,000 players a month.

By optimising game mechanics, removing harmful exploits, and consistently introducing new content, New World has found itself back on stable footing, and continue to do so by releasing the latest in-game expansion, Brimstone Sands.

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For both new and returning players, Brimstone Sands welcomes everyone to a new zone which is twice as large as the settlement, Everfall.

Here, ancient Egyptian structures and landmarks continue to stand against the tests of time, attracting the interests of those who seek to unmask riches buried deep inside its labyrinths and mazes.

One such party is the descendants of the old Roman Empire’s 19th Legion, seemingly afflicted with Corruption and are relentlessly besieging one of the most historic pyramids in Brimstone Sands, the Akhet.

The local wildlife alone is unwelcoming, with hostile creatures like the gigantic Sandworm making their home in the barren deserts surrounding Brimstone Sands.

Will you be amongst the few brave souls to face these new threats?

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Similar to other previous expansions, Brimstone Sands adds a massive new zone into New World. This new territory is riddled with mysteries and treasures that have been left untouched for centuries.

Though the buildings and ruins of Brimstone Sands are sacred and strong, its society is nothing more than a remnant of its powerful Egyptian civilisation thousands of years before. Only the enigmatic sorcerer, Imhotep, remains today, sharing his wisdom and guidance for players to explore the region unharmed.

However, the Corrupted descendants of the Roman’s 19th Legion – a select group of the Roman Empire’s best infantry during their war against Egypt – have continued to attack the people of Brimstone Sands, their eyes fixed on the pyramid, Akhet.

Believing that its secrets hold the key to their redemption and revival of the Roman Empire, they will stop at nothing to breach the defences of the sacred temple.

The Ennead Expedition

For glory-seeking adventurers, players can lead an expedition into the foreboding Ennead pyramid. Guarded by fearsome Anubian Guardians and Sand Demons – among other nightmarish adversaries – this adventure will not be an easy one, though the spoils might just be worth it.

In fact, a new power is promised to be bestowed upon you if you manage to complete the expedition to the very end, so that alone might be enough motivation for players to see things through.

New Weapon: Greatsword

A new weapon will also be making its way into New World with Brimstone Sands: the mighty two-handed Greatsword.

This powerful melee blade offers impressive offensive capabilities, and suits aggressive players who love to jump right into the midst of combat.

There will be 2 stances available for Greatsword users to master:


  • This skill tree focuses on destructive assaults to quickly destroy foes before they are able to react.


  • This path adopts a more defensive style of combat, utilising the Greatsword’s lethality to swat multiple enemies at once instead.

Other exciting stuff like the Nightveil Hallow event are also added with the new update, so this might just propel New World back into the MMOPRG spotlight once again.

New World is playable now on PC.

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