NieR: Become As Gods – New Arrangement Album Features 11 Tracks From NieR Automata. Now Available

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NieR: Become As Gods is a new NieR Automata arrangement album created by ROZEN+REVEN and released by MateriaCollective

It features 11 new cover tracks which features a combination of heavy-hitting strings and brass, stark choir, textures of winds and synths and more..

The two artists kicked off their musical hobby back in 2017 with NieR: Glory to Mankind. Which featured 13 hit tracks and over 53 minutes worth of music.

NieR: Become As Gods is now available on various storefronts and features over 44 minutes worth of ear pleasing music..

The tracklist includes;

  1. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. I
  2. Birth of a Wish
  3. City Ruins (Shade)
  4. Peaceful Sleep
  5. Forest Kingdom
  6. Bipolar Nightmare
  7. Memories of Dust
  8. Pascal
  9. Voice of NO Return
  10. The Sound of the End
  11. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. II

SOURCE: MateriaCollective

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