Night Is Coming – Inspired By Slavic Mythology Comes A New Survival Strategy Title For PC

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Night is Coming is a new survival strategy title that has been inspired by the slavic mythology and the mystique of the Carpathian region. It is currently in development by the team at Wild Forest Studio

The latest Gamescom trailer shows glimpses of settlements being built, which is one of the key features within the game in order to survive the darkness that looms. Players will be able to build settlements in order to try and keep invaders out this includes gathering resources, providing your villagers with food, clothes and shelter. The trailer also goes on to show the various enemies that you will no doubt come across in your attempts to survive and protect your village!

Night is Coming is a survival, building and development simulation set in a fantasy world.

It is inspired by Slavic mythology and the mystique of the Carpathian region. The player manages their settlement, giving orders to the people and improving living conditions on various lands and locales. It is crucial to protect and upgrade the settlers, so they are equipped to fight countless monsters and beasts obsessed with destruction. Over time, the settlers may need to move to other lands to find answers on how to repel the inevitable danger… And eventually save the world!

Build and Manage

Manage your own settlement in a cold region of the Carpathian Mountains: assign roles, gather resources, provide your settlers with food, clothes and shelter, recruit new settlers, teach them cooking, farming, mining and other crafts, explore the lands around you for rare resources.

Take Care and Improve

Each settler is an individual. Everyone has their own characteristics, abilities, needs, attributes, and skill levels. Use them wisely to develop the settlement. Also, each settler contains a big amount of spirit, which makes one stronger or weaker.


Night is Comming is scheduled to release on PC soon. For now you can wishlist this game through Steam

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