Overwatch® 2 – An Exciting Animated Short for the Ninja Healer, Kiriko

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Skills of a ninja, heart of a healer.

Overwatch® 2 – Blizzard’s new First-Person Shooter (FPS) game – came out just a week ago, but a number of animated videos have already been released alongside it.

One of them is the latest animation depicting Overwatch 2’s new hero, Kiriko Kamori.

Kiriko is a Support-class hero that buffs teammates during gameplay, including heals. Her appeal doesn’t necessarily come from her abilities, though. Instead, it’s her original design, story, and personality that draw people to her character.

This is expanded upon by Kiriko’s new animated short released a few days ago:

Our green-haired female ninja is just like any other loveable teen, with her pure heart and positive demeanour being a blessing for those around her.

Hurt her friends, though, and she’ll unleash all her ninja combat training and powerful Fox Spirit abilities at her disposal.

These include teleporting jumps, electric kunai, and healing ofudas (talismans), all of which make Kiriko the perfect candidate to be recruited for the Overwatch organization.

Gameplay-wise, Kiriko is a fun hero to play, with her skills being a combination of offensive movement and buffing allies.

Kiriko’s Story

Every Overwatch hero has an origin story, and Kiriko is not an exception.

Back in September, Blizzard® shared Kiriko’s prior to the launch of Overwatch 2:

Source: PlayOverwatch (YouTube)

The daughter of Asa Yamagami, the veteran blacksmith who trained both the Shimada brothers in the ways of the sword, Kiriko was already taught martial arts during her childhood.

That being said, it was her late grandmother, whose name is yet to be revealed, that inspired Kiriko towards a more spiritual path – one that guided her to share a strong bond with the peaceful Fox Spirit.

Though both mentors wanted Kiriko to follow their beliefs – one of tradition and the other of action – Kiriko followed her own path, one shared with the benevolent Fox Spirit as her companion.

Skills and Abilities

New Overwatch players might appreciate a quick rundown of Kiriko’s in-game skills and abilities, so let’s swiftly go through all of them:

Passive skill

Wall Climb

  • Ability to traverse walls to reach better vantage points.

Active abilities

Healing Ofuda

  • Summons healing talismans at a designated ally to help them recover their health.


  • Throws kunai at an enemy, dealing increased Critical Damage.

Swift Step

  • Instantly teleport to an ally, backing them up.

Protection Suzu

  • Throws a charm bag that creates an invulnerable shield around affected allies upon impact, removing many debilitative effects too.

Ultimate Ability

Kitsune Rush

  • Summons the Fox Spirit forward, hastening the Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Ability Cooldowns of nearby heroes.

These prove Kiriko’s usefulness in-game, but many new players might need to practice for a few matches before getting used to playing her.

Overwatch 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Overwatch 2, PlayOverwatch YouTube channel

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