PayDay 3 – The Series Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With New PayDay 3 Details

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The first-person shooter title celebrated its 10th anniversary this past week, to celebrate the success it was also revealed that the original cast of PayDay: The Heist will be returning in PayDay 3. This includes the chain smoking Mastermind, Dallas. Alongside Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf.

The game will also be set several years after PayDay: The Heist, where our crooks will be coming out of retirement to take on another heist. The main setting this time around will be in New York

To continue the celebration, the team also announced discounts on their games through Steam. Right now you can purchase PayDay 2 at an 80% discount. This includes the base game, The Silk Road Collection, Legacy Collection, and Ukrainian Prisoner Bundle. This offer will end on November 1st.

PayDay 2 was first released back in August 2013 and has managed to score ‘Very Positive’ reviews over on Steam from over 300,000 reviewers. It pitted players in the city of Washington DC. To top it off, the actor Ron Perlman (Hellboy) was also casted in the game. Lending both his voice and portrayal to the character Rust.

The announcement regarding PayDay 3 was first revealed during an official livestream this past October 22nd. If you unfortunately missed out on it, then you can catch the highlights of it below..

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