Planet Zoo – The Latest Patch Update Adds Several New Tags Plus Notifications. Update 1.3.2 Is Now Available!

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A new patch update has arrived to help those trying to keep their zoo in tact. This latest update brings several new tags that where once missing from various enrichment items, there where also fixes to the humidity and coolers too

Patch Notes (1.3.2)

General fixed

  • Added notification for vending machine breakdowns. 
  • Added Red Kangaroos tags missing from small ball enrichment items. 
  • Added South America and Australia tags to the Steam workshop. 
  • Temperature, humidity, heaters and coolers UI fixes:
    • Added ambient temperature tool tip when hovering over the bar for heaters and coolers. 
    • Fixed ambient zoo temperature tool tips not showing the appropriate number while set to Fahrenheit. 
    • Added numeric display of the temperature value to the side of temperature slider bars. 
    • When Exhibits are placed temperature is now set to match the ambient temperature.
  • Fixed an issue where vending machines can reach 0% maintenance and not break down. 
  • Fixed vending machines breaking down more frequently than intended.
  • Fixed mechanics not repairing vending machines to full maintenance level. 
  • Fixed mechanics not always repairing broken down vending machines after being called. 
  • Fixed players being unable to exit “Terrain Stamp Tool” by pressing escape.
  • Fixed players not being awarded the free content Kangaroo costume. 
  • Guest and staff navigation on paths with less than 4m width adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the players from re-colouring a group of scenery items. 
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a colour on a double-clicked scenery item would close the colour picker.
  • Fixed animal colour variations (particularly timber wolves) being incorrectly labelled – the genetic colour of the animals will not change.
  • Fixed an issue where the best time for a Timed Scenario on the main menu would be different from the time achieved in-game.
  • Keepers assigned to two habitats are no longer counted twice in the assigned keepers section of the food tab. 


  • Further crash and stability fixes.


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