Playstation 5 – Certain Accessories & Games Have Their Release Date Brought Forward In The UK

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In an official report from the online video game retailer ‘Simply Games‘ certain accessories have had their release dates moved forward. This is said to include everything, including the DualSense controller which was suspected to of originally not be included within this list. However, an updated post by the team at Simply Games has now confirmed that the controller is also set to release earlier than its original date of November 19th.

Though the accessories may have been moved forward in their release, this however unfortunately does not include the actual Playstation 5 system itself. Which is still set to release this November 19th, a week after those in America get their system.

This means that the PlayStation 5 camera, media remote, headphones and DualSense controller will now all be releasing on November 12th, rather than their original release of November 19th.

This of course only effects those in the United Kingdom.

Some of the games have also been set to release earlier too, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure which was also expected to release this November 19th but have now had their release dates changed to November 12th, according to the official Amazon UK website

SOURCE: Twitter / Amazon UK


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