Playstation Home – The Virtual Social Space Is Set To Make A Return

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Playstation Home was a virtual social space that was originally created and released on the Playstation 3 back in December, 2008

It allowed users to create a custom avatar and interact with other players, through various different ways including special mini-games, events, and many of which featured prizes that could be won. Players were also given their own personal apartment room that was fully customizable.

However, in August 2014, Sony announced that Playstation Home would be closing and the servers were to be shut down.

Many years later and thanks to fan support, it seems that Playstation Home is set to make a return. It is also coming with a brand new name, Destination Home.

An offline version is said to be available now on modded consoles and emulators, and thus it is still all a work in progress.

However, the team expect to be able to bring back many of the fan favourite mini-games and spaces such as The Hub, Playground, and the Bowling Alley. With more exciting features yet to be revealed.

The team also stress that the release is meant more for educational and preservation purposes. The team also states that they will not be taking donations due to legal reasons.

Destination Home is currently in development by the team over at PSON Emulation, a team who strive as video game preservationists

You can check out the team’s latest trailer below..

SOURCE: Destination Home

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