Playstation VR – A New Request Form For The Playstation Camera Adaptor Opens Up

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As the new (PS5) Playstation 5 gets ever closer to it’s official release this November, the more news we get regarding it.

The latest bit of news relates to the Playstation VR (PSVR) which in order to be able to play it on the Playstation 5 will require both the Playstation VR Camera (which comes with the PSVR, it is NOT included with the Playstation 5). Alongside this you will also need a Playstation Adaptor for the Playstation 5.

In order to get one of these adaptors you can request one through the newly opened request form.

You can request an adaptor using the page here and find out more about the actual adaptor and what is required in order to play Playstation VR on a Playstation 5 system, here


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