Predator Hunting Grounds – Patch Update 2.05 Brings A New Map, Plus 4v4 Mode

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A new patch update has arrived to the popular First-Person Shooter title, Predator: Hunting Grounds

Entitled Patch Update 2.05 is said to bring the new map ‘Excavation’, which is said to still play a role within the iconic jungle however, it will also feature a multi-level cave system for both the Fireteam and Predator to explore.

The new 4v4 mode entitled ‘Clash’ is also included within this patch too, in a new no-holds-barred war.

You can get the details below..


New Map: Excavation
This map still features the iconic jungle –but will force both the Fireteam and Predator to think vertically and spatially as they traverse through an intricate multi-level cave system.

New Mode: Clash
Clash is the ultimate 4v4 PVP that puts players in an all-out, no-holds-barred war. Lasting roughly fifteen minutes, two Fireteams will spawn on one of the four Predator: Hunting Grounds maps with one goal:to capture a location before the next capture area spawns. While each team battles it out to claim territory, every point gained and enemy killed fills up your team’s Predator meter. Once filled, the Predator mode is unlocked and one person on your team will become the extraterrestrial hunter.

Free Update #5

  • [FREE] Mercenary (‘87) weapon is now unlockable for all players at Level 90
  • New Unlockable Cosmetics listed below


  • Increased loadouts from 6 to 12
  • Fixed melee weapon icons being stretched in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where inputs may sometimes not work properly in the weapon customization screen
  • Boars spawns now prioritize being closer to the Predator
  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad would become unresponsive when hovering over private match or tutorial and making a party
  • Improved d-pad icons for better readability
  • Added audio stinger for when connecting to a match
  • Crossplay accounts can now invite friends when on the “waiting for players” screen
  • Fixed a bug where server blades in the Bug in the System mission could be destroyed without breaking the server door first
  • Fixed various bugs with mission interactables and environmental damage sources
  • Fixed collision issues with the medical building sunroof in Backwater
  • Fixed multiple exploitive locations, stuck spots, and locations prone to unintentional clipping, throughout all maps
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to sometimes crash


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the player could be claimed while standing up from a self revive
    • Fixed first person animations not always playing when zoomed in with a scope
    • Fixed FT melee icons being shrunken down on customization screens
    • Fixed an issue where the Fireteam would sometimes not have a backpack
    • Increased amount healed from Medical Kits that appear throughout the map
    • Fixed up inconsistency with impact sounds for the local player
  • Weapons
    • General
      • Fixed weapon stat calculations on customization screen
    • 2XL
      • Reduced damage
    • AR-W
      • Increased ammo resupply from guerrilla ammo drops
    • QR-4
      • Increased extended magazine ammo capacity
  • Gear
    • U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed not being able to muddy up after using the U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed sprint animation when holding the U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed weapon selection not being consistent after using the U.A.V. Scanner
      • U.A.V. scan no longer spots Predator blood trails
    • Self Revive Syrette
      • Reduced Cost
    • Medical Kit
      • Reduced healing amount
  • Classes
    • Assault
      • Fixed assault having two default outfits
  • Perks
    • Body Armor:
      • Reduced cost
    • Iron Lungs
      • Increased cost
    • Double Time
      • Reduced movement speed bonus
    • Flesh Ripper
      • Reduced cost
    • Multitasker
      • Increased movement speed bonus
    • Weapons Training
      • Increased recoil reduction.
    • Ice Cold
      • Increased cost.
    • Silent
      • Reduced cost.
    • Fast Hands
      • Reduced cost.
    • Gearhead
      • Reduced cost
      • Fixed an issue where Quick Release sped up the reload animation but did not resupply the clip ammunition any earlier.


  • General
    • Kills that occur from self destructing will now count properly as kills and give rewards
    • Predator will now hold their primary weapon in customization screens with different idle animations
    • Cloaked Predators now have reduced visibility when viewed from a longer distance
    • Fixed an issue where weapon selection hotkeys not working for Predator when using KBM
    • Fixed an issue where the Fireteam head not always disappearing in long claim cinematics
    • Fixed an issue where Predator rotation getting wonky in customization screens
    • Adjusted medical building (Backwater) sunroof button so Predator can use it
    • Adjusted predkour trees to improve branch connections and mounting from the ground, throughout all maps
    • Fixed an issue where Predator melee weapons would sometimes not hit world objects (such as health packs)
    • Improved Predator melee lock in
  • Weapons
    • Smart Disc
      • Tints now apply to controlled smart disc, not just the one you’re holding
      • Increased base flight speed.
      • Increased boost flight speed.
      • Increased boost duration.
      • Reduced return speed.
    • War Club
      • Increased damage of the second hit in the combo
    • Plasma Caster
      • Increased AoE radius
    • Alpha Sickle
      • Increased damage
  • Gear
    • Fixed an issue where armed bear traps would sometimes appear as disarmed
  • Perks
    • Observant
      • Reduced cost.
    • Fast Hands
      • Reduced cost.
    • Medic
      • Increased cost.
  • Classes
    • Samurai
      • Increased resistance to fireteam melee attacks
      • Increased melee damage
      • Reduced stamina regen rate while melee attacking
      • Increased stamina regen rate
      • Increased stamina
    • Scout
      • Increased Energy.
      • Increased predkour speed.
      • Increased stamina regen rate while melee attacking.
    • Alpha Predator
      • Reduced energy.
      • Reduced health.
      • Increased stamina.
      • Increased melee damage.
      • Increased perk points.
      • Increased speed.
    • Elder
      • Increased perk points.
      • Increased predkour speed.
      • Increased energy.
      • Reduced stamina.
      • Increased health.
      • Reduced melee damage.
    • Berserker
      • Reduced resistance to fireteam melee attacks.
      • Reduced stamina regen rate while melee attacking.
      • Increased stamina.
      • Increased melee damage.
      • Increased stamina regen rate.
    • City Hunter
      • Reduced perk points

New Unlockable Cosmetics
Fireteam Weapon Skins
Hazard Skin – 1011-12
Hazard Skin – 2XL
Hazard Skin – Grim Tech 19
Hazard Skin – ZR-55
Hazard Skin – 7-06
Hazard Skin – PDW-Z
Hazard Skin – CS-12
Hazard Skin – XDB-12
Hazard Skin – DJL-33
Hazard Skin – AR-W
Hazard Skin – QR-4
Hazard Skin – GOSL-R
Hazard Skin – G-ROW
Hazard Skin – 7EN
Hazard Skin – SAWZ-50
Hazard Skin – ABR-Z
Hazard Skin – RP-103
Hazard Skin – S-R3D
Hazard Skin – D34-D
Hazard Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Hazard Skin – Hammerhead
Hazard Skin – O.W.L.F Pitbull

Mercenary (‘87) Weapon skins
Green Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Tan Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Blue Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Brown Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Gray Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Woodland Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Desert Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Tiger Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Sandstorm Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Digital Skin Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Shatter Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Red Tiger Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Charcoal Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Blue Viper Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Hexagon Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Silver Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Golden Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Viridian Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Aurora Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Playstation Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Epic Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Decoy Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Remedy Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Maim Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Coup Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Harm Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Ruin Skin – Mercenary (’87)

Fireteam Outfit Tints
Engage Camo Tint 13- Scout Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Recon Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13- Assault Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Support Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Dutch’87
Engage Camp Tint 13 – Dutch

Predator Armor Tints
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Scout
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Hunter
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Berzerker
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – JH87
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – CH
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Samurai
Armor Color Tint Tyrant – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Warlord – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Tyrant – Samurai
Armor Color Tint Warlord – Samurai

Predator War Paint
Ire War Paint
Fury War Paint

Predator Skin Pattern Tints
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Scout
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Berserker
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Jungle Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – City Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Alpha
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Elder
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Samurai
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Scout
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Hunter
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Berserker
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – JH87
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – CH
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Alpha
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Elder
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Samurai
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Scout
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Hunter
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Berserker
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – JH87
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – CH
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Alpha
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Elder
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Samurai
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Scout
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Hunter
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Berserker
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- JH87
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- CH
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Alphai
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Elder
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Samurai

SOURCE: Illfonic


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