(PS Now) Playstation Now – The February 2022 Games Announced. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition Gets Added.. More..

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Though, in last months update we were given a total of 6 new additions to Playstation Now in order to commemorate the start of a new year, this included the likes of Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodaic Age, and even Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition. This time though, we are only given four additional games, which are all said to be arriving tomorrow

The February 2022 (PS Now) Playstation Now line-up is still a strong one, one in which includes the popular and award-winning Grand Theft Auto Vice City: The Definitive Edition. It also includes some successful indie titles too.


The updated version of the 2002 award-winning action adventure title, that manages to bring new lighting and environment upgrades, high-resolution textures, and more.

Play as gangster and criminal mastermind Tommy Vercetti, who manages to escape prison after a fifteen-year sentence.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition will be available on the (PS Now) Playstation Now store from February 1st – May 2nd.


Start out with just a small workshop and expand to a desk-filling factory. Unlock ever fancier machines, add even more production methods, and most of all, more room.

Little Big Workshop allows players to control their workers, and purchase machinery in order to live out their workshop building dreams!

Little Big Workshop was mostly met with ‘Mostly Positive’ reviews and a score of 77 over on Metacritic.

The game has been developed by the team over at Mirage Game Studios and published by HandyGames.


Set in Berlin 1933, with the German invasion. Players must lead an underground resistance group to their survival. All while trying to convince others of the Nazi and their terrible plans.

Through the Darkest Of Times is an indie political strategy game that has been developed by the team over at Paintbucket Games and published by HandyGames.

The game managed to score ‘Very Positive’ reviews with a score of 71 over on Metacritic.


Death Squared is a humorous puzzle multiplayer game, where players control a square in their attempts to work together in order to solve puzzles.

The game allows for up to four players and several different game modes, in order to truly test your team work skill.

Death Squared has been met with ‘Very Positive’ reviews and a score of 78 over on Metacritic.

It has been developed and published by the team over at SMG Studio.


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