(PS5) Playstation 5 – Console Shortages Expected To Extend Into 2022

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The Sony Playstation 5 was released back in November 2020 where it managed to sell 7.8 million units between that month and March 31st, 2021. The team are also hoping to reach 14.8 million units by March 31, 2022

However, recently many people have seen a decline in units actually being available and with any being in stock suddenly being swept up within mere seconds and thus all stores are now completely sold out. Obviously the demand is not currently being met.

According to Sony Group chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki the shortages of the Playstation 5 console will not be improving neither, it is now expected to be a common occurrence well into 2022.

This is all said to be due to the shortages of obtaining components such as semiconductors, thus making manufacturing much slower that one would hope.

So anyone still hoping to get their mitts on the system should probably not expected to do so any time soon, sorry.

SOURCE: Bloomberg


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