(PS5) Playstation 5 – Launch Console Sales Will Be Online Only. Worldwide

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Though this perhaps won’t come as a surprise to many, especially with the way the world has been during the still on-going pandemic. Many countries including the United Kingdom will even be in complete lockdown during the release of the actual Playstation 5.

However, still the team over at Sony have confirmed that when the official release date of the Playstation 5 arrives there will be no consoles available to purchase at retail stores. Regardless if you are in lockdown or not, this will apply worldwide

Thus if you still plan on purchasing a Playstation 5, for the time being it will need to be purchased online ONLY.

This however, does not include those who have managed to pre-order a console through a retail store prior to this. As you will still be able to collect it on launch day. This simply only applies to those who where thinking about going to their local store in order to purchase the system on the actual day.



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