Quantum Replica – Reclaim Your Memories As New Stealth Game Set To Release On XBox One, Switch & PS4

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Set in 2084, Quantum Replica tells the tale of the Syndicate, a ruthless corporate alliance and a vigilante who has no recollection of their past

Already available on the PC, Quantum Replica now makes its way to XBox One, Switch and Playstation 4.


  • Fast-paced stealth action gameplay
  • Explore a vast cyberpunk city with 5 distinct zones.
  • Unlock time-manipulation abilities to overpower your enemies and traverse hostile environments.
  • Use a variety of gadgets at your disposal and outsmart the syndicate armies
  • Defeat powerful bosses.


Quantum Replica is currently in development by the team at ON3D Studios. The game is expected to release for the XBox One, Switch and Playstation 4 in 2021

  • GAME: Quantum Replica
  • DEVELOPER: ON3D Studios
    RELEASE DATE: 2021
  • PLATFORM: XBox One, Switch and Playstation 4
    GENRE: Cyberpunk, Action
    SOURCE: PQube
  • Quantum Replica – General News

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