(RE3R) Resident Evil 3: Resistance – The Latest Patch Update Adds Several New Cosmetic Items, Skins

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A new terrifying update has arrived to the world of Resident Evil 3 Resistance

This latest update brings several new cosmetic items including new character skins, zombie gestures, sprays and Limit Break Skills.

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The following additions and adjustments have been implemented for all platforms.

New features:


  • ・Added 14 new Survivor skins.
  • ・Added 5 new Survivor gestures.
  • ・Added 15 new sprays.
  • ・Added 4 new creature skins.
  • ・Added 2 new zombie gestures.


  • ・Added the new Limit Break skill variant to Samuel’s Brawler passive skill.The lower Samuel’s health, the more powerful his attacks will become.
  • ・Added the new Last Stand skill variant to Samuel’s Adrenaline passive skill.The lower Samuel’s health, the shorter his Fists of Iron cooldown will become.


  • ・Added the new Flashy Thing skill variant to Martin’s Life Hacks passive skill.Cancels out 4 creature buffs when using Flash Grenades or the Flash Baton.
  • ・Added the new EOD Suit skill variant to Martin’s Sapper passive skill.Greatly reduces damage taken when disarming traps and placing mines. Increases movement speed for a set duration afterwards.


  • ・Added the new Breach and Clear skill variant to Tyrone’s Firefighter passive skill.Greatly lowers damage taken for a set duration after kicking open locked doors.
  • ・Added the new Defensive skill variant to Tyrone’s Determination passive skill.Reduces damage received from creatures and bioweapons.


  • ・Added the new Pickpocket skill variant to January’s Disruptor Rounds passive skill.Gain a small amount of Umbrella Credits when attacking active cameras.
  • ・Added the new Ransomware skill variant to January’s Cyber Monday passive skill.Free items appear in the Armory every time EMP is used.


  • ・Added the new Vaccine skill variant to Valerie’s Biochem Expertise passive skill.Makes Valerie and nearby teammates temporarily immune to infection when they are under Blue Herb or Infection Treatment Spray effects.
  • ・Added the new Black Taurus Bullets skill variant to Valerie’s Explosive Knowledge passive skill.Increases damage-dealing, camera-disabling, knockback, and crippling power of the Matilda, MUP, and Quickdraw Army. However these handguns consume 1 more Ammo per reloaded shot.


  • ・Added the new Silver Bullet skill variant to Becca’s Bullseye passive skill.The first bullet fired when Ammo is fully loaded will be a guaranteed critical hit. (Not effective on Special Weapons or during Bullet Storm.)
  • ・Added the new Conservation skill variant to Becca’s Scavenger passive skill.Lowers Ammo consumed per reloaded shot by 1 for the Lightning Hawk and W-870, but defeated creatures no longer drop Ammo.


  • ・Added the new Medic skill variant to Jill’s B&E Specialist passive skill.Greatly decreases time needed to save defeated teammates and restores a small amount of their health upon rescue when S.T.A.R.S. Armory is fully charged.
  • ・Added the new Target Acquired skill variant to Jill’s Delta Force passive skill.Decreases S.T.A.R.S. Armory cooldown when Jill deals damage with the reticle of her firearm fully focused.


  • ・Added the new V-ACT skill variant to Annette’s Genetic Mutation passive skill.Buffed creatures no longer pretend to be dead, get up quickly after falling to the ground, and become impossible to knock back before fully mobile.
  • ・Added the new Epsilon Strain skill variant to Annette’s Zombie Apocalypse passive skill.Greatly increases Zombie Dog and Licker health and attack power.


  • ・Added the new Unnatural Selection skill variant to Daniel’s Bloodlust passive skill.Increases the range of the Detonator’s Self Destruct and the Jester’s Screech, and makes the Dealer’s Claw Slash steal more Umbrella Credits.
  • ・Added the new Mind over Matter skill variant to Daniel’s Puppeteer passive skill.Greatly decreases creature skill cooldown when controlled.


  • ・Added the new T-Phobos Prototype skill variant to Alex’s Biohazard passive skill.The more infected the Survivors are, the more damage they receive from all sources.
  • ・Added the new Synchronize skill variant to Alex’s Residence of Evil passive skill.Traps no longer affect other traps or creatures. Triggers all traps in view when detonating traps through the E.I.S.


  • ・Added the new EM Pulse skill variant to Spencer’s Umbrella Tech passive skill.Greatly decreases Disintegration Field cooldown when Electromagnetic Shield is active on any camera.
  • ・Added the new Paracelsus Generator skill variant to Spencer’s Bioactivation passive skill.Lowers the cost of all held cards at set intervals.


  • ・Added the new U.B.C.S. Monitor skill variant to Nicholai’s Predator passive skill.Tracks Survivors being attacked by creatures and lowers their attack power.
  • ・Added the new Watchdog skill variant to Nicholai’s Firearms Specialist passive skill.Automatically spawns a random creature nearby when using firearm cards.

Adjustments and Fixes


  • ・Adjusted maximum ranks for all Survivor characters, and changed skill unlock requirements such that all skill variants are obtained by rank 20.


  • ・Adjusted maximum ranks for all Mastermind characters, and changed skill unlock requirements such that all skill variants are obtained by rank 19.

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