Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Patch Update 1.0.7 Is Now Available

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The horror sequel ‘Remothered: Broken Porcelain‘ gets a new much needed patch update

Entitled Patch Update 1.0.7 is said to include fixes to several features such as the basketball which now sees the ability for Jennifer to now lose the game, fixes for various cinematics have also been included too


  • Video setting save properly.
  • Fixed some lighting issues in a specific cinematic.
  • Resolved a number of different edge cases where the user could lose control of Jennifer.
  • Crafting tutorial should only show up once now.
  • Power ups now properly carry over game to game.
  • Now users will not be able to interact with things while a cinematic is playing.
  • Jennifer will no longer spawn in the middle of an empty world in certain scenarios.
  • Improved behavior of the moth power to be more consistent.
  • The “Don’t use a save point” achievement can now be collected if you use a hypnosis spot for healing.
  • Moths can no longer be spawned outside of walls.
  • Sound effects (screams, gunshots, etc) will no longer play during loading screens.
  • Added back in certain sound effects that somehow went missing.
  • Andrea’s voicelines will now no longer play when using the dodge skill on Porcelain.
  • There was a rare case where the player could lose control of Jennifer after she interacted with a mirror, this has been resolved.
  • There were some strange cases where Porcelain wouldn’t spawn in the underground bunker, those bugs have been squashed.
  • Elisa promises she won’t forget how to open doors ever again.
  • Jennifer can now lose the basketball game.



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