Rhythm ‘n Bullets: Definitive Edition – Features New Enhancements & Level Theme. Now Available

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The arcade style rhythm and shooter title has been given a new definitive edition which comes complete with new enhancements, alongside a brand new level theme.

These new additions to the definitive edition also includes a new challenge system which is said to reward players for trying to complete all that the game has to offer including; campaign clears and endless runs. Plus players now have the ability to earn themselves new ship skins, which means that every time a player defeats an enemy ship they can now do so whilst looking amazing!

The music is also said to of had some tender love and care, with improvements going as far as adjusting the sound effects to match the music that is currently being played.

Also, as previously mentioned the game also includes a brand new level which has been named Retro. Retro is said to be heavily inspired by the 2000s era of gaming, being described as a nostalgic trip into the games of the past.

Rhythm ‘n Bullets was originally released on the PC back in November, 2020. The game is now being released as Rhythm ‘n Bullets: Definitive Edition for the Playstation VR

You can watch the Rhythm ‘n Bullets release trailer below..

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