Risk Of Rain 2 – Latest Patch Update (1.0.2) Adds Sundered Grove

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A new patch update has arrived to the Roguelike Action game, Risk Of Rain 2

Entitled as update version 1.0.2 is said to of added the Sundered Grove to the game.

Several bug and game fixes where also included within the patch.


  • New Stage: Sundered Grove

• Fixed Eclipse 3 modifiers applying to enemies
• Fixed the final boss’ shockwaves being fired an extra time for each remote client in the game
• Fixed some floating nodes in Sundered Grove
• Restored the cursor for gamepad users while in the info/scoreboard menu
• Updated all music tracks to be more similar to the OST version
• Updated a lot of localization strings
• Fixed throwing Forgive Me Please off a cliff causing it to not release its deployable slot until the next stage
• Fixed monsters revived via Dio’s Best Friend potentially respawning into out-of-bounds kill zones that make them miss the trigger, never die again, and potentially cause a softlock in this way if they are a boss
• Added temporary safety mechanism that forces client bodies to reinitialize into valid states if they are still in an invalid state one second after spawning
• Fixed ragdolling causing the hurtboxes of dead characters to become re-enabled (yes, the brass contraption ragdoll + melee bug is finally dead!)



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