Shadow Warrior 3 – The First-Person Shooter Now Gets Delayed Until 2022

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Shadow Warrior 3 which was scheduled to release sometime this year, has now been delayed until 2022. Though no exact date has been given.

The announcement comes after an official trailer entitled, Official 2022 Delay Trailer, was released. In this trailer we witness a rather adorable raccoon being chased with a mask in its mouth. Followed then by the team mentioning that the reason for the delay is down to the game needing more of a polish, and that more news will follow soon.

Shadow Warrior 3 was first announced back in July, 2020. It pits players in a fast-paced gunplay action game in an attempt to recapture an ancient dragon.

Shadow Warrior 3 is the follow-up title to Shadow Warrior 2, which managed to score ‘Very Positive’ reviews over on Steam by over 16,000 reviewers.

It will be releasing in 2022 on the PC, XBox One, and Playstation 4

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