Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Gets A Q1 2022 Release On Both PS4 & XBox One

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The team over at Frogwares have posted a message regarding the release of both the Playstation 4 and XBox One release of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Both the Playstation 4 and XBox One versions were delayed back in September following an announcement regarding the game not being ready for release and needing more time in the oven, basically.

However, this latest announcement over on Twitter reveals that the release of the console version might be coming in Q1 2022.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was officially released on PC this past November 16th. It featured a much younger Sherlock, compared to previous titles from Frogwares. It is basically the origins of the iconic sleuth. The game itself is based on an island known as Cordona and managed to feature a wide range of side activities and up to five main story cases to play through.

The team also recently released a new Accolades trailer, where critics classed the latest entry into the Sherlock Holmes universe as a ‘A detective’s paradise’, ‘Incredibly Satisfying’, and that ‘Cordona is a fantastic place to explore’. You can watch and see more critic responses below..

We managed to play the PC version of the game and managed to recently get done with our review for the title. After having played all of the team’s previous Sherlock Holmes titles, we decided to give the game high praise for its combat and detective mechanics. You can read more on our review here

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