Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – New Trailer Gives Us More Details On Story & Cinematics

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Last month we were given a brand new trailer which talked about the various gameplay mechanics and the various different disguises. This time we get a new trailer which mainly focuses on more of the story and cinematics.

As many will no doubt know by now, the team over at Frogwares Studios is no newcomer when it comes to the world of Sherlock Holmes and detective style games, having created numerous Sherlock Holmes games in the past. Some even dating back as far as 2002.

However, this time the team take things a little differently from their past titles. This time players control the much younger version of the Sherlock detective. A more inexperienced and one that is still trying to find his way in life.

Anyway, this latest trailer manages to show off the different angles and styles that the team decided to use, and what way would best suit the game. Getting a lot of their cinematic inspiration from movies and photography.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will feature 5 main story cases to play through and over 30 side cases to enjoy. Spanning a total of over 40 to 50 hours of gameplay, if players intend on trying to complete as much of the game as possible.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is set to release this November 16th on PC, Playstation 5, and XBox Series X/S

  1. GAME: Sherlock Holmes – Chapter One
  2. DEVELOPER: Frogwares
    PUBLISHER: Frogwares
    RELEASE DATE: November 16th, 2021
  3. PLATFORM: PC, Playstation 5, and XBox Series X/S
  4. GENRE: Detective, Adventure
    SOURCE: FrogwaresFrogwaresSteam
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