Undecember emerges to rival Diablo Immortal

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New game, Undecember, looks to dethrone Diablo Immortal

Undecember is a fast paced, dynamic action-RPG with a formula very similar to Diablo’s. A top-down hack and slash adventure with a focus on exciting combat and enemy hordes. Surprisingly Undecember is not a brand-new game it’s actually been doing the rounds in South Korea for a while and is just now arriving in the West.

The game is unbelievably stunning for a game that runs on both Windows and Mobile, though with an obvious graphical downgrade but still impressive, nonetheless. It features cross play so players on iOS and Android can play with players on PC seamlessly. Unlike First-person shooters, the advantage gained by playing on Windows PC isn’t that great so everyone can have an equally good experience regardless of the platform.

Undecember takes place in the dark gritty world of Traum, a vast dazzling landscape with much to explore and much fun to be had. The game is content rich with fun challenge modes, raids, and 10 acts. The aspect of the game that truly stands out is not in its similarities to Diablo but it’s differences, one key difference is the game’s approach to combat, more specifically it’s approach to boss fights. Traditional boss fights usually include an enemy with an obscenely greater health bar than yours and greater attack damage, this isn’t usually a problem because their attacks most times follow a rhythmic pattern (Unless it’s a Soulsborne game).

In Undecember though, boss battles are more of a challenge as the bosses are greatly varied in design and their attacks. Reading attack patterns still works but wholly wouldn’t be very effective as they would change during combat urging you to adapt while on your feet, might take a couple of tries though.

The game also does some things differently to other similar games in its category, this is the ability to sustain massive hordes of enemies on screen. The game absolutely barrages you with enemies from all directions allowing you to go crazy with your combos and attacks. At any given point there’s always piles and piles of enemies for you to mow down which is quite satisfying when you’re on a streak.

Take a look at some of the combat moments from a combat trailer released on their official YouTube channel

Even with the massive amounts of enemies on screen and detailed graphics and models the game doesn’t demand much of a system for it to run at a decent framerate, the recommended requirements for PC include:

  • CPU: intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB

This is quite manageable for most gamers with decent rigs. To max out settings though you might need a heftier graphics card and twice as much RAM but let’s leave that for the graphic purists.

From developer Needs Games and publisher LINE Games, Undecember is available to play right now on Windows PC and both mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

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