Splitgate – The Multiplayer Shooter Gets Full Release Delayed Until August, Beta Gets Extended

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The free-to-play multiplayer shooter gets its full release delayed until August. The game was expected to release today, July 27th.

However, issues occurred during the game’s beta which saw the game’s servers go offline after meeting the maximum capacity. The servers are still said to be offline until at least sometime today, as the team currently await approval

Since the servers went down the team over at 1047 Games have acquired $10 million in funding to increase their server capacity. They have also confirmed the extension of their playable beta and with this fans can once again continue their Beta Battlepass.

An update will also be coming later today, this will include new maps and customisation options

SOURCE: Twitter

Splitgate is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5


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