Street Power Soccer – New FREE DLC Has Been Announced. Said To Feature Swedish Freetstylers The SKILLTWINS

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The popular freestyling sports game ‘Street Power Soccer’ is officially getting it’s very first dlc expansion.

This latest expansion is said to be a free update that will feature the Swedish freestyle players known as the SKILLTWINS.

Though there has been no word on a confirmed release date other than it is coming soon, it is still good news for freestyle football and soccer fans.

The announcement was posted on the official Street Power Game Twitter channel and a new video was also posted up, which you can see below.

Street Power Soccer/Football was only released a few days ago, back on August 25th. The game allows players to compete either alone or with someone else in order to pull off various different freestyling tricks in order to win matches!

  1. GAME: Street Power Football / Soccer
  2. DEVELOPER: SFL Interactive, Gamajun
    PUBLISHER: Maximum Games
  3. PLATFORM: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC
    GENRE: Sports
    SOURCE: Twitter, StreetPowerGame
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