Submerged: Hidden Depths – The Sequel To The 2015 Exploration Game Gets Announced. Coming Soon.

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The sequel to the 2015 exploration game has been announced and is said to be coming soon to the PC, XBox One, XBox Series X/S, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

Submerged is a exploration game where players control a young girl named Miku. The game relies heavily on its exploration and atmosphere rather than being combat and action based. In fact there are no enemies in Submerged and Miku cannot die. Meaning the game plays out as more of a ”relaxploration’, with a third-person perspective.

In this latest upcoming title, players will be able to explore a sunken ruin and will, one again, be accompanied by Miku’s younger brother, Taku. A being with a mysterious power.

The key features in this new title will include;

  • Boat across tranquil waters and storm-driven white-caps
  • Explore, climb and interact with the remains of a once-towering city
  • Collect mysterious relics of a distant past
  • Scour the buildings for the seeds of its salvation.

A new trailer to go alongside the reveal announcement has also been released and you can check it out below..

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