Super People – The Steam Page For The Upcoming Battle Royale Is Now Live

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Super People is an upcoming battle royale shooter title brought to you by the team over at Wonder People. After just recently coming off from its successful alpha test, the game has now opened its doors on Steam.

Featuring either solo play or team based gameplay, players can choose to play from one of the 12 playable Super Soldier characters as you try to survive at all costs!

SUPER PEOPLE is a new style of battle royale PC shooter developed by WONDER PEOPLE.

In SUPER PEOPLE, you will play one of 12 Super Soldiers with unique characteristics and specialized skills.
Battling it out to survive as the last man or squad standing.

During the game, you can level-up to become stronger in various ways, and depending on the level of growth, class-specific skills and ultimates are activated.

Players can experience new strategies and gameplay each time with different growth and skill acquisitions for each game,
You will be able to make crazy comebacks on the battlefield through ultimate skills that feels completely new to pre-existing battle royale games.

The crafting system allows you to combine raw material items in-game with your guns and gear to enhance them to a higher level,
you can constantly feel the pressure and joy of scavenging and upgrading your gear until the end of the game, while managing to survive a super speedy combat!

The crafting system will constantly have you travel to various locations searching for materials, and encounters can occur anytime, anywhere.
You must strategically plan your character build-up to get the best equipment in order to stand out on top!


Super People was first revealed last month as it dropped its first gameplay trailer revealing many of its character classes, including the Shotgun Master, Sniper, Driver and many more… You can watch this trailer below..

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