Tales Of Arise – New Scheduled Live Stream Taking Place July 29. Features Skits, Fishing

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A new scheduled live stream is said to be taking place this July 29th, it will apparently feature various field mechanics such as skits, fishing and camping.

The event itself will most likely be in Japanese and is to be presented by Haruna Ikezawa (who is the Japanese voice for the character Kisara), alongside Yuusuke Tomizawa (who is the producer for the game).

As many fans of the series already know, these above mentioned mechanics play a vital role to the iconic series. With the skits often giving a more in-depth look at our characters including their thoughts and personalities. Though the same may not be said about the fishing and camping, they still do provide a vital role with the ability to provide our heroes with nourishment and of course rest. All of which are necessary for our heroes in their journey to conquer evil

This upcoming stream will also be the first time in which fans can get a look at the mechanics for this latest title.

Tales of Arise is said to be releasing this September 10th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

You can watch the stream on YouTube at 20:00 JST


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