Tetris Effect: Connected – The Beta Is Set To Start This June 23rd. Comes With Multiplayer Cross-Platform Play

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Tetris Effect: Connected is set to get a full release in July, but before then those who may be eager to play this title can do so through the upcoming beta.

The beta is set to begin this June 23rd or June 24th (depending on your region) and with it comes a number of features including; cross-platform multiplayer and spectator mode.

The beta applies to everyone on the PS4, Epic Games, and via the Microsoft Store across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10. In order to gain access to the beta you will need to download it from the respective store.


  • Multiplayer modes will now offer cross-platform play. This applies to Ranked Match, Friend Match, and Multiplayer leaderboards.
  • There will be no cross-platform progress or saves.
  • You can disable this feature in the OPTIONS menu if you would like to.


  • Spectator Mode is available in Friend Matches. A room can contain up to 8 total people, so depending on the mode, the max number of spectators would be 5 in Connected Mode to 6 in any of the 1v1 modes.
  • Spectators can use emotes to engage with the game! (Right stick on gamepad or hold “1” and press arrow keys on keyboard.)


  • Room IDs are for starting a cross-platform multiplayer lobby. 
  • Joining via each system’s native invite system is still also supported, so a host can use their Friend List and system invite system to invite other players on their same platform, but using the Room ID they can invite players from other platforms, or players on their same platform without having to become Friends.


  • Want to play in European style PAL mode? Now you can!
  • This option is available for Friend and Local matches, Ranked matches are played with default settings.


  • Slow mode has longer entry delay and slower horizontal movement.
  • Like PAL, this mode is only available for Friend and Local matches.

You can find out more about the beta here

SOURCE: TetrisEffect


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