The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Gets New ‘Courtroom Chaos’ Gameplay Trailer

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In this latest trailer for the upcoming detective game ‘The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’ we get a look at the chaos of the courtroom, where all of your deductions come into play. Can you help defend your client? or will you fail and become the latest laughing stock?

Be sure to thoroughly examine your clues and try not to miss out on anything important.

With all the fun and drama of the Ace Attorney series
set against the backdrop of Victorian-era Britain and Japan,
there’s sure to be no “Objection!”
to the adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodo as
he turns the courtroom upside down!

Featuring an intriguing overarching mystery spanning across two games,
it’s the most engrossing story in the series yet!

SOURCE: Ace Attorney

The Great Ace Attorney features both The Great Ace Attorney Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney Resolve 2.

The game will be releasing this July 27th on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC

Watch the new latest gameplay video below..

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