The Last Oricru – Upcoming Action RPG Lets You Side With Factions. New Trailer Reveal

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The teams over at Prime Matter and GoldKnights have dropped their latest trailer for the upcoming action role-playing game, The Last Oricru

This latest trailer shows many of the various different features within the game, as well as the various different environments and locations. This includes the ability to team up with factions or betray them depending on how you feel, a lot of the game is very dependant on player choices.

The Last Oricru is set in a sci-fi medieval world where war is on the verge of breaking out..

Intriguing Story

Dig into the forgotten past of the world. Uncover the conspiracy behind the events that take place as you play. Let sides of the conflict make you understand their motives for fighting or disregard everything and everyone and just make the world burn. The story of the Last Oricru is complex and it may take multiple different play-throughs to make all pieces of the puzzle finally click together.

Impactful Decisions

Massive decision tree in which your decisions lead to different outcomes, affecting story, characters, game endings but also visuals of levels or even the gameplay flow. Every action, sub-quest or life taken can affect your reputation with each faction. There are multiple ways to play through The Last Oricru and no right or wrong decision. Your decisions will shape the fate of the world, literally.

Challenging Combat

The combat is easy to learn but hard to master and aims to create a tough but rewarding experience. Melee and ranged weapons with unique attack animations and secondary abilities, shields, techno-magical items, weight management and upgrade system offer a wide range of customization for your play-style. You will encounter various mass fights, in which you can prove your loyalty by aiding your comrades in arms but also fight your way through unsuspecting and surprised enemies, as you travel through a number of distinct areas of the war-torn world. Be prepared to die… A lot!

Couch Coop

Invite your friends over or tell your significant other to join you in your adventures! The Last Oricru is designed to make co-op a unique experience, so for example you can find new fun ways to defeat bosses or reach special secret areas. The Classic RPG character stat system also enables each of you to specialize your character differently, so you can reap the benefits of role diversity: become beefy melee tank and protect your archer friend or become a duo of mages and use one of co-op only spells to wreak havoc among enemies. You may also want to be a pair of swordsmen, hacking your way through enemies should-by-shoulder. It’s entirely up to you and your partner-in-game.


The Last Oricru currently does not have an official release date but once it does, the game will be arriving on PC, Playstation 5, and XBox Series X/S

Watch the latest trailer below..

  • GAME: The Last Oricru
  • DEVELOPER: GoldKnights
  • PUBLISHER: Prime Matter
  • PLATFORM: PC, Playstation 5, XBox Series X/S
  • GENRE: Action RPG
  • SOURCE: Steam
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