The Matrix Awakens – A New Leak Has Surfaced. Listed For The PS5

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A new leak has surfaced regarding a new Matrix game and all we know of it so far is that it has been listed for the Playstation 5. It also sports a tagline of ‘An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’, thanks to a new Twitter message.

One would assume that this new title will be a tie-in to the new Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections, which is expected to hit the theatres later this month.

The last Matrix title to hit console was back in 2005 with The Matrix: Path of Neo, which featured many scenes from the movie that was picked by the movie directors themselves. It pitted the player as Thomas Anderson, before he became Neo and received his powers. Previous to The Matrix: Path of Neo, the movie has seen plenty of other game titles too including; Enter the Matrix and The Matrix Online

If this leak has any truth behind it, then given the release of the movie this month, then perhaps an official reveal will come next week during The Game Awards.

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