The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf – Allows You To Control Four Different Characters. Due October 26

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Lets hear it for The Smurfs! The Smurfs are back in a brand new video game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Entitled as The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf, our favourite blue gnomes are once again doing battle against the evil Gargamel. This time the evil wizard has found a formula to create a deadly plant known as Vileaf and it is up to our heroes to take him down and save the world!

Go on an adventure to save your forest!

In a dusty grimoire, the wizard Gargamel just put his hands on the formula of an evil plant: the VILEAF.

This plant produces “VILETRAP” seeds, which can attract and imprison Smurfs… but these VILETRAP plants are also a great danger for the forest, as they are TOXIC, especially for the sarsaparilla fields!

PAPA SMURF decides to ask some of his fellow Smurfs to help him find the ingredients for a super powerful antidote for all the plants sick from the VILEAF.

Thanks to the SMURFIZER, an invention from HANDY SMURF, go on an adventure to find the ingredients and free your fellow Smurfs… and save the whole village!


  • Embody 4 iconic Smurfs: the Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Chef Smurf in 5 different worlds
  • Use the Smurfizer to heal the Vileaf contaminated plants on your way to Gargamel’s hovel
  • The Smurfizer will also make you jump, glide, dive, vacuum… keep a good timing to overcome every obstacle and beat your enemies
  • A subtle mix of platforming and exploration gameplays: find your way through vertical levels and explore them to uncover every secrets
  • Give life back to the Smurfs village by making progress and improve the Smurfizer by finding items spread around the levels
  • A game for every Smurfs fan, young or old, but also for every 3D platforming game fan!


The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf is set to release this October 26th

You can watch the new teaser trailer below..

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