(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV – Limited Edition Copies Delayed Even Further

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Today is a bit of a mixed bag which sees the latest entry into the popular RPG series get a delay

This delay however, is said to only effect the limited edition copies of the game. Anyone who has purchased the normal edition or has gone digital should be okay and not effected by this.

Trails of Cold Steel IV which is set to release today (October 27th) is said to be the final entry into the series, which sees the main protagonist ‘Rean Schwarzer’ and his fellow class mates in action once again.

The delay of the limited edition was announced a few days back, which saw emails indicating that the limited edition versions would be releasing between this week and next.

However, a new email which was received today goes on to say that the release has now been delayed even further to November 9th. Which to many is perhaps a chaotic month anyway with other big named titles also being released during that time period

Here is a copy of the latest email sent by the team at NISA

Going by this latest email it could very well be COVID related, the virus which though started earlier this year is still an on-going problem. If this delay is indeed due to this said virus then it will not of been the first time a game has seen a delay due to this virus. Other games such as Guilty Gear Strive has also seen delays due to the current pandemic, amongst many various different events and shows. 2020 will be remembered that is for sure and for all of the wrong reasons too

For us on a more personal note having been effected by this, amongst many others too. Will no doubt be disappointed by this latest news, however it seems that with the way life currently is, this news is to perhaps be expected.

SOURCE: Trails Of Cold Steel IV / Selphie1999Gaming (Email)


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