Total War: Warhammer II – Gets New Past & Future Updates Trailer Ahead Of Its Silence & The Fury Release

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A new trailer has arrived to the world of Total War: Warhammer II. In this new trailer we get various glimpses of the old updates which, are of course, now available and a small tasty treat to what we can expect in future updates.

Total War: Warhammer II was originally released back in 2017 and has seen a lot since then and now. However, things are getting much more exciting as we get ever closer to the release of the next update entitled ‘Silence & The Fury’

The Silence & Fury content update is said to feature new Legendary Lords for the Lizardmen and the Beastmen, this includes the ability to lead their own faction with new characters, units and gameplay mechanics.

This Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II introduces two new Legendary Lords for the Lizardmen and the Beastmen. Each leads their own faction and features new characters, units, unique gameplay mechanics and narrative objectives.

Formed of living bronze, the rage-filled Doombull, Taurox, is nigh-on invincible – save for one area on his gargantuan neck. The Chaos gods whisper to him of a ritual that can eliminate this weakness, but the promises of the ruinous powers are seldom what they seem…
Meanwhile, Oxyotl, the revered Chameleon Skink and master of stealth, scents the machinations of Chaos and rallies his cohorts. Taurox must be stopped at all costs, lest a new tide of Chaos sweeps the world. When the Silence meets the Fury in a final confrontation, who will prevail?

Beastmen: Taurox
After embarking on a bloody rampage through Talabecland, Taurox was rewarded by the dark gods with a body of brass… and still, he thirsts for slaughter! As he wins battles, Taurox gains Momentum, and his army can replenish action points to fight and fight again. The longer his kill-streak continues, the greater the gifts bestowed upon him by the ruinous powers. He and his Beastmen hordes will ultimately need to locate the Heart of Darkness, where he will face Oxyotl in a final, decisive battle.

Lizardmen: Oxyotl
A chameleon Skink of high renown, Oxyotl has a long history of fighting – and succeeding against – the otherworldly forces of Chaos. His prescience enables him to detect where the forces of chaos will strike next and, utilising the network of lost Secret Sanctums across the world only he can capture and develop, Oxyotl can choose which threats to tackle, and reap the rewards of victory. Oxyotl can instantly travel between his capitol, his unique mission areas, and any Secret Sanctums he has rediscovered. Ultimately, he must travel to the Heart of Darkness and face the hordes of Taurox in a final, desperate battle.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the rest of the roster in July!


Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury update is set to arrive on the PC this July 14th

You can watch the new updates trailer below..

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