Traffic Jams – Control The Madness As A Traffic Controller. Coming To PSVR August 26

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Traffic Jams is a crazy job simulator game where players are put into the role of a traffic controller, it is then up to them to organize and keep control of the vehicles and pedestrians.

However, if that sounds easy and simple enough, then think again! As the game continues so does the mayhem and carnage, this includes drivers loosing control of their vehicles, meteor showers, dinosaurs invading and whatever other kind of craziness you can think of!

Starting out on a quiet corner in a small town, job offers start pouring in from around the globe. Guide rude pedestrians, impatient drivers, and the occasional meteorite along before road rage strikes.

Hailing from Jam City, the self-proclaimed “best traffic controller… EVER”, takes you under his wing. His experience comes from the many flash mobs and packed intersections that his hometown is known for. Armed with dreams of superstardom, a sassy attitude, and fresh dance moves, he has taken it upon himself to teach YOU the ropes of traffic control.

SOURCE: TrafficJams

Traffic Jams was originally released on the PC using both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, the game will now release on the PSVR this August 26th

You can watch and find out more about the game in the trailer located below..

  • GAME: Traffic Jams
  • DEVELOPER: Little Chicken Game Company
  • PUBLISHER: Vertigo Games
  • RELEASE DATE: August 26th, 2021
  • GENRE: Job Simulation, VR
  • SOURCE: TrafficJams
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