Undungeon – New Indie Action RPG Set To Release November 18 On PC & XBox One

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A new action role-playing game is set to release on both the PC and XBox One, as well as Game Pass this November 18th. It pits players in a 2D adventure featuring dimension traveling and a science fiction story.

The game is in development by the indie team over at Laughing Machines and tinyBuild (Secret Neighbor, Hello Neighbor).

In the game you will be controlling the character of a messenger, Herald, who must join a secret interdimensional organization in order to remedy the aftermath of the catastrophe. The catastrophe was created by the Great Shift, which damaged the fabric of time and space. In order to be able to complete that task, you must find and collect six seals that belong to other worlds

You can watch the latest trailer below…

  • GAME: UnDungeon
  • DEVELOPER: Laughing Machines
  • PUBLISHER: tinyBuild
  • RELEASE DATE: November 18th, 2021
  • PLATFORM: PC, XBox One
  • GENRE: 2D, Action RPG
  • SOURCE: Steam
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