V Rising – New Bloodthirsty Gameplay Trailer Arrives.

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A new bloodthirsty gameplay trailer has arrived for the upcoming vampire survival game, V Rising.

This latest trailer shows players awakening as a vampire, alone and exploring their new surroundings. In order to survive this new world, players will need to collect resources, defeat powerful enemies, and try to avoid the burning rays of the sun. The ultimate goal of the game is to try and survive and create a castle fitting for a vampire lord.

A Gothic Open-World

Explore a vast world teeming with mythical beings and danger. Travel through lush forests, open countryside, and dark dungeons to discover valuable resources, meeting friends and foes alike along the way. Traverse the world with vampire comrades or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandits, and wander into the domains of supernatural beasts.

Fear the light – Rule the night

Stick to the shadows during the daytime, or the burning sunlight will turn you to ashes. Roam the night and prey on your victims in the darkness. As a vampire, you must quench your bloodlust and plan your strategies around the day/night cycle.

Raise your Castle

Gather resources and discover ancient techniques to gain dark powers. Use your newly acquired knowledge to build a castle where you can store your loot and grow your army of darkness. Personalize your domain, exhibit your vampiric style and make sure to craft coffins for servants and friends. Strengthen your castle while the threat from other players is rising.

Compete or Cooperate

Travel alone or explore the world with friends. Fighting side by side with other vampires will give you an advantage in your battle against the strongest creatures and most powerful humans. Raid other players’ castles or play the diplomat in the game of blood, power, and betrayal. Compete or cooperate – the choice is yours.

Master your Vampire

Learn and master an arsenal of deadly weapons and unholy abilities. In V Rising, you aim skill-shots and dodge projectiles using​ precise​​ ​WASD controls ​and cursor-based​ ​aiming – no click to move. Tailor your play-style by combining melee or range weapons with a variety of powerful spell kits. Master your skills and unleash your wicked powers.


V Rising was first announced back in May, there is currently no release date for the game just yet. However, for those eager and getting bloodthirsty, you can register for the upcoming beta test by going to the official V Rising site

  • GAME: V Rising
  • DEVELOPER: Stunlock Studios
  • PUBLISHER: Stunlock Studios
  • GENRE: Vampires, Survival
  • SOURCE: Steam, VRising
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