Vanaris Tactics – New Turn-Based Tactical RPG Announced For PC

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New turn-based tactical role-playing game, Vanaris Tactics, has been announced for PC.

Vanaris Tactics tells the story of a group of refugees trying to flee their motherland in order to find freedom. Featuring a rich blend between tactics and fantasy RPG, 15 unique story encounters and more…

Vanaris Tactics tells the story of Morgana, in her struggle looking for freedom outside the walls of Vanaris. Accompanied by her brother Nigel and nephew Adrien, they must flee their motherland, a place they call home. Discover the vast land of Vanaris and meet new people on the same path, as they must leave everything behind to escape their oppressors and find peace.


  • Vanaris Tactics implements a combat initiative unit turn order system inspired by the greatest fantasy tactics RPGs of all time.
  • Unite a band of unique characters with their own strengths, skills, and stories.
  • Gain new abilities and increase your range of options to deal with new challenges.
  • Different combinations of weapons and accessories and see a unit’s playstyle change drastically.
  • Travel the land of Vanaris to discover powerful treasures and hear untold stories. However, keep your guard up as danger lurks in every corner.
  • Unfold the story through 15 unique story encounters and X hand-crafted in-game cutscenes, as well as optional battles and boss fights.


Vanaris Tactics will be releasing on PC soon, you can wishlist the game on Steam now

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