War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – New Summer Update Brings New Summons Kitone & Lilyth

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The mobile tactical role-playing game has been given a new summer update, which includes brand new (UR) Ultra Rare summoning units which consist of both Lilyth (Summer) and Kitone (Summer). Alongside that there is also new summon banners, login bonuses and the Summer Splash! Campaign.

The event begins this July 19th and ends on July 27th at 23:59 (PST)


Named Blaze of the Beach Lilyth (Summer), her Limited Burst is the ‘Beach Attack!’ which lowers the resistance to Missile Attacks whilst also dealing damage.


Named Shinobi Learning to Swim Kitone (Summer), her Limited Burst ‘Swim Ring Attack’ deals damage to enemies within range, whilst also having the chance to inflict sleep on her targets.


From July 21st up until July 27th players can earn themselves various different rewards including up to 2,500 Visiore, 40 Unit Shards and the ability to use these Unit Shards to enhance and awaken their Kitone (Summer) and Lilyth (Summer).


In order to take part in this campaign players need to follow the official Twitter or Facebook page and then vote for either Kitone (Summer) or Lilyth (Summer).

In doing so players can then earn themselves heaps of cool rewards including either Kitone (Summer) or Lilyth (Summer) depending on which one wins, Story Skip Tickets, Event Skip Tickets and more!

You can view and read more on this here

Also, as the update maintenance for the game apparently went on longer than the team had hoped. Players will now be given the following rewards

・Visiore x800
・NRG Restore (L) x4

This will appear in the present box when you next login.


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